Teachers and Parents

COASIT is composed of 40 teachers, who are all highly qualified and hired at local level. Here are some:

Insegnanti e genitori

Il COASIT è formato da un corpo docenti di 40 insegnanti, tutti altamente qualificati e assunti a livello locale. Eccone alcuni:

Mattea Pallotta

“Hello everybody. I am Mattea, a native Italian native speaker teaching on COASIT Primary courses. I am from Puglia, where I was born, raised and where I obtained my degree and my master’s degree in Italian literature and language.

I love my job because through teaching I can bring Italy to London. The primary goal of our courses is, in fact, not only to teach the Italian language to children, but also to allow them to come into contact with Italian culture by expressing their Italian identity”.

Paola Casotti-Cook

“I’m Paola and I teach on COASIT courses. I also have two children attending these courses. In my opinion COASIT courses offer an Italian experience, professional Italian language teaching at all levels and a taste of Italian culture”.


Genitori e Studenti

Cosa i genitori e i studenti pensano dei nostri corsi?

Teachers and Parents

What do parents and students think about our courses?

“Hello, my name is Giulia Paumbo. I was born in London but have Italian parents. My mum is from Salsomaggiore, Parma, and my dad is from the Amalfi coast. The courses at COASIT are fantastic and a great opportunity for children to study Italian here in London. I have two children studying the courses, Sofia who is nine years old and Elena who is eleven, they enjoy meeting other children here at the centre and the teachers are excellent. It is very important to me that my children speak Italian because it is a huge advantage for them and so that they can speak with their grandparents, just like I did when I was young. When I was little, I went to Italian school with my brother and I can now speak Italian well with other Italians in London.”

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